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sub Stories: Tantric Toy by Johnny "Loose Lips"

Johnny shifted uncomfortably. He had no idea how long he had been suspended by his wrists to the ceiling. Some time ago though he had knocked at Ms Mercury’s front door and been admitted by one of Her sissy sluts. Johnny had allowed himself to be bound at the wrists. Here he now was. He was able to stand on the balls of his feet. Just. But he was unable to turn around, other than moving his head sideways.

Initially he had felt his muscles stretch as gravity and his own suspension teased knots out of his muscles. Arriving straight from work he had been tightly wound. Now he was tightly bound. From his professional control he was now reduced to being utterly controlled. He smiled at the change. He saw his smile in the full-length mirror in front of him and about ten feet away. The room was in shadow, subtly lit so that the whiteness of his naked body was the only thing that seemed to draw the light. Everything else was shadow.

Now his muscles were aching. Yet it was a stimulating ache and not the dull ache of a heavy gym session. It almost tickled in a tantalizing way; itches so deep he couldn’t scratch them even if his hands had been free to do so. It was then that he sensed Ms Mercury. More alive to individual muscles his brain was now also operating at a higher level. Added to which Ms Mercury had an aura he had never been able to define. But still he sensed Her. Then he heard Her. A steady, unhurried clack of heels on parquet floor. He closed his eyes and focused on the sound. He imagined the slight sway of Her hips as she walked, Her elegant, graceful sexuality. It was trite to say She moved like a cat. She didn’t. She moved like a Woman who was wholly confident in every aspect of Her being and wholly alive and vibrant. A Woman Who was aware of and reveled in Her physical allure. She was almost unique in her attitude to Her submissive’s vanilla sexual yearnings for Her. Fiercely intelligent, utterly and overpoweringly Feminine; of course men and Women longed for Her so that being in Her presence was a subtle and gentle form of pain with the body totally in control of the submissive’s mind.

Johnny heard the door open and then close softly. Then there was silence. Of course Miss Mercury was examining Herself in the mirror. Making subtle adjustments to Her hair and clothes, achieving the requisite degree of perfection. There was no detail too small for Ms Mercury to get right.


The clack of heels now started again and got louder. Then stopped. Johnny looked straight ahead, wholly at Her mercy and Her every whim. He smelt Her eau de toilette, just a hint, enough to enhance Her natural essence. For what seemed like an agonizing time there was nothing else and Johnny focused on his sensations. His brain was befuddled now, his breath short and his body tingling as synapses pulsed between nerve endings. Ms Mercury had taught him how to focus on these inchoate sensations, to embrace them and to subsume his conscious self into them.

Seconds ticked by then… ‘Good afternoon, j.’ As if stung by a bolt of electricity, his body jerked, while his skin tingled all over and his penis leaped as he felt a tingle run up through his urethra.

Ms Mercury had done no more than whisper softly in his ear. The sound of Her voice, gentle, soothing, even nurturing and the sensation of Her breath in his ear had caused his body almost to vibrate with physical overload. Ms Mercury with just three words uttered almost inaudibly had caused the release of so many different chemicals and sensations of pleasure that even his aching muscles had been revitalized.

‘Have you missed me?’ now Ms Mercury’s voice was playful, slightly mocking. Johnny nodded. This was as instructed by Ms Mercury in Her previous coaching of him and moving of him into a more deep, profound sub-space. Ms Mercury had told him early on in the relationship that discipline for Her was not a matter of whips and chains although She had previously thrashed him and he was, as now, often bound in Her presence. For Her though these were superficial technicalities. It was not the knots that She took time over but their effect on the minds of Her submissives. She defined them as no more than the canvas on which her submissive’s obeisance to Her was crafted.

Johnny scrunched his eyes tightly shut and felt the stars pop behind his eyelids. When he opened his eyes he could barely see even his own white body in the darkness. Ms Mercury was entirely in shadow. She was controlling him even though She was so ethereal that She was almost not physically there, but instead was controlling him not from the outside in but from the inside out. Johnny embraced the control She was exerting.

‘Close your eyes, My little slave.’ Again, barely above a whisper but Johnny obeyed. He felt Ms Mercury move in front of him. Felt Her standing no more than a foot away. Felt tantalizingly Her breath on his neck. He felt Her eyes appraising his physical form. She did so always in an entirely un-selfconscious way. After all, Her submissives, were just that. Hers. Then there was burning pain, first on one nipple, then on the other. Then pain everywhere else. As Johnny’s body had spasmed in reaction to the pain from his nipples, his restraints held back the spasms and brought a new, fresh pain to his aching muscles. Every part of him screamed in agony.

As Ms Mercury attached the first clamp to Johnny’s nipples, She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, ‘Embrace the pain, darling. Take the pain. For me and for you. You know how.’ Johnny did and took deep breaths. So physically alive was his body that he could almost feel the burning pain in his nipples stab like darts into his lungs.  

‘Describe your pain to me, johnny. Tell Ms Mercury.’

Trying to force his words out through his panting, Johnny uttered one word, ‘Burning’.

‘Good boy. Focus on the heat. Feel it warm your body. Can you feel it warming you?’

Johnny nodded. ‘Good, now transfer the warmth. That is psychogenic pain. We want it to leave your body.

Gently my pet, gently. This will hurt you in a moment, but not physically.’

Ms Mercury moved to one side. ‘Now, let it out. That’s it.’ Ms Mercury, in total control could see johnny’s chest beginning to heave.

She leaned into him, putting Her head next to his. Her left arm rested on his lower back and with Her right, she slowly stroked the hair on the back of his head.

Johnny started to sob.

His sobbing grew. And then, magically, it started to subside. Like a raging torrent which had flushed everything clean as it crashed through him. Ms Mercury held him, letting the pain flow out of him. He felt the purity of physical pain crush the emotional pain.

‘Good, let’s purge the world. I’ve moved you into sub space. Now W/e can play.’

To be continued…

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