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WARNING: This site contains adult fetish and BDSM material that is NOT SUITABLE for MINORS (under 18 years old) or WORK environments. Discretion is recommended.

How to Contact Mistress

 Mistress Kalyss receives tons of messages. So please keep your emails concise and to the point. In order to facilitate your communication with Mistress,  please include the following:

-A name (fictitious will do)

-Where you reside/or travel to (city and country)

-Your fetish interests & limits

-Past experience (if any)

If you have never emailed a Dominatrix before, here are some instructions

Name *
You may use your real name or a fictional one (examples: "Liverpool Slave" or "Footworship Tom").
Please include the city where you wish to meet me and the reason for contacting me (ex: London, session inquiry, or Amsterdam, workshop inquiry).
Please include where you live (city and country) or where you will be traveling to meet me. If you're after a session, also add your fetish interests & limits and past experience (if any).

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