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WARNING: This site contains adult fetish and BDSM material that is NOT SUITABLE for MINORS (under 18 years old) or WORK environments. Discretion is recommended.

Domination Sessions

Mistress is well versed in a wide range of fetishes and BDSM activities as listed below. If you have a particular fetish or fantasy (outside this list), email Mistress the details and She will inform you whether She likes it or not. Note that Mistress NEVER engages in activities which She doesn't enjoy. Still Mistress has a free-flowing kinky development Herself, so Her tastes vary with time. What She may be into this season could become dull in a year and leave Her repertoire while new games might be invented. When in doubt, Mistress is only an email away.

Be aware that a session with MKM is not prostitution.
MKM does NOT have sexual intercourse with Her submissives.

  • Body Worship
  • Bondage and restraint
  • Body Writing 
  • CBT (Cock & Ball training/torture)
  • Candle wax/Ice and other hot-cold games
  • Corporal punishment (Discipline)
  • Cross-Dressing and Forced Feminisation
  • Domestic services (maid training)
  • Face-sitting
  • Foot / Boot / Shoe worship
  • Golden Showers
  • Humiliation (private or public)
  • Nipple Torture
  • Role Play (wide range… Mistress is very creative)
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Tickling
  • Tantric Domination: Psycho-Emotional play and exploring the depths of your Subconscious Mind
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Though MKM is more than happy to engage in BDSM games on a purely superficial level, through Her experience and research, She has found that many of Her submissives experience a deeper emotional, psychological and some would say spiritual release. So, for those who are prepared to use BDSM for this type of development, Mistress has the answer: Holistic Domination.

Modern life creates a lot of imbalance in a person's psyche (mind and soul). Especially in the Western world, people receive continuous pressure from many sources, such as career, family, and intimate relationships. Social PRESSURES can be heavy, as our peers expect us to be good workers, good parents, good friends... We must be busy and successful. And we must meet these expectations with ease, without showing signs of WEAKNESS. People walk in a world of masked politeness. Being "emotional" is seen as irrational, unprofessional and fragile. Everyone has a way of dealing with this pressure; some do sport, some drink alcohol, others take drugs (recreational or prescription), or create art... All of these can be seen as an escape valve for life's pressures, as a form of self-therapy.

BDSM play can also be practised in this manner. If both parties (Dom and sub) are aware of these processes, domination games can be emotionally, psychologically, and even spiritually liberating.

Discipline Therapy

Firstly, for those anxious beginners out there, properly delivered discipline doesn't hurt as much as you imagine. If the Dominant creates a scene that excites you prior to the discipline, your metabolism will release adrenaline, which will increase your tolerance for pain. The adrenaline rush is well known outside BDSM, as for example, the athlete that does not notice an injury until completion of the competitive event. Furthermore, physical PAIN purifies the mind and soul (as already explored by self-flagellating monks and nuns in numerous religions). It can relieve psychological pain, such as guilt and shame, and can help you deal with past traumas. By submitting and giving yourself, by accepting the pain and humiliation, by being devoted and obedient to someone else, you can become FREE of fears and frustrations of regular life. This process is hard to explain, as it is a sensation, and therefore you can only know what it's like when you live it yourself.

Role Play and Fantasy Development

Role play games for adults are extremely underestimated in mainstream society. Children dress-up and play "pretend" games all the time and it has been proven that these games stimulate their creativity and overall development. So why do we stop playing as adults? Humans should strive to constantly develop and improve themselves. And playing games is a simple and effective way of doing so. Of course, as we grow up, games are adapted to suit the level of maturity. As CONSENTING ADULTS, using eroticism in role play games is perfectly normal. Living out fantasies within a safe environment promotes trust and releases tension from everyday life. I use role plays to warm up submissives into the scene and/or as an end in itself. After all, games are fun and entertaining in their own right.

If Mistress Loves To Dominate, Why Do Subs Need To Tribute?

Arabian Nights Burlesque Ball, Brisbane.

Some Slaves have asked me why a tribute is required. After all, isn't Mistress enjoying Herself? Isn't a slave's devotion and service worth anything? Little submissive creatures, your devotion is valuable to me. If I don't enjoy a sub's company, I recommend him/her to another dominant. I live and breathe BDSM- everyday I find more kink in my soul. It amazes me that it just keeps getting better. Yet, regardless of how much I love training my subs, I still have to pay my bills. If I wasn't a pro-domme, I'd have to take a normal 9-to-5 job and practice BDSM only as a hobby. And that means that I would only be able to train one or two subs maximum… Do you see what I'm getting at? What a huge waste of dominant energy, huh? Being a pro-domme allows me to train a much larger number submissives; it frees up my time such that I can grace you with my presence. That is why there are costs. But rather than a fee for a service, I see it as a tribute you offer me as your Goddess on this Earth.

Look at it from another angle... Throughout the History of organized religion, churches have manipulated, and sometimes coerced, the masses to contribute financially to the church or charity projects. Some sects even have "divine laws" expressing how much one should contribute (i.e. 10% of one's income). And in these 3000 plus years, some churches abused their power using that money to exert further control over the population while other groups have maintained an ethical approach and using that money to maintain themselves while providing solace and guidance to the populous. Keep that in mind when giving tributes and offerings to your Goddess. It can be seen as a form of modernized religion. Only in this case, you can have direct contact with your deity: Me! Most devout pilgrims can spend their entire lives praying, working and worshiping a "god" that can only be reached via the ranks of the church or in the afterlife.

How lucky are you to be able to have direct contact with your Goddess. I am extremely connected to the energies of the universe and see as my mission in this lifetime to be the link between these energies and normal humans. BDSM training can also lead to heightened states of consciousness sometimes accompanied by spiritual experiences. It is my goal to use this amazing universal tool for consciousness development: BDSM training.

For sessions overseas, please refer to her tour schedule in LOCATIONS.   

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