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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

During my Summer of Sin (SOS, 2007) tour, one of my favourite slaves took me on a one-week road trip from Munich through the German alps and all the way to Rome. We stopped in a number of cities (check other galleries for the rest of the tour) and did many naughty things, including parading around in fetish, burlesque and goth clothes, corsets and heels, latex and leather, while having him take photos of his exhibitionist Mistress. This stop was castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany. No photos were allowed inside, but we got away with a couple and LOADS from the outside. As I walked within the lavishly decorated rooms, I felt like a Queen. Historical tourism forges seeds for fantastic role play scenes (like the one I had with my pet after this castle visit).  Maybe one day you will take me to such a place, and together we can live out fantasies that will forever mark our memories. Check my article Instructions for Travel Slaves to find out how. 

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