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WARNING: This site contains adult fetish and BDSM material that is NOT SUITABLE for MINORS (under 18 years old) or WORK environments. Discretion is recommended.

CityScapes, photo by Soul Focus Studio

Mistress Kalyss Mercury

Tantric Dominatrix

BDSM Educator, Speaker & Advisor

Kink Research Pioneer

Fetish Model & Performer

Temple Arts Priestess

Born to be Queen, Finding the Inner Goddess

As a first child to an upper class family descending from the French aristocracy, Ms. Mercury learned how to rule and lead others early on. Her family had a few servants, as it was customary in Brazilian culture. Yet, as her mother was a humanitarian, she taught Kalyss to treat servants with respect and kindness, while still maintaining her position as "Little Lady" of the house. She was educated in one of Rio's finest international schools, where she excelled in leadership positions. As part of her "debutante" training, she also had extra curricular classes in deportment, etiquette, ballet, ballroom & modern dance, and catwalk modelling.   

"I was often the one in charge of activities in school. Even as a young child, I exerted my leadership among my friends choosing what games we would play and generally making the decisions for the group. If people didn't want to follow my ideas, I would do my own thing. I wasn't a bully, I never hit other kids or forced them to do anything... But if they wanted my attention, it was my way or the highway. Before becoming Class President, I was Queen of the Playground."

Upon graduating as salutatorian with an International Baccalaureate diploma, she received a scholarship to Princeton University, where she completed a Psychology BA with honors. But behind the studious exterior, there was a wild craving for something more...

In the sexually conservative environment of Princeton, New Jersey, Ms Mercury felt suffocated. Fortunately, New York City was only an hour away, so she slowly began her exploration of the city's nightlife, including fetish events. Gradually she learned about BDSM through books, the internet and social gatherings. During her study abroad in Sydney, Australia, she finally learned about pro-domming. After a particularly vigorous flogging at a fetish party, her victim enquired which domme house she worked at. "I can do this for work!?"- Soon after she became an apprentice at one of Sydney's BDSM houses and thus her Domina journey began.

Since then, she has travelled the world dominating submissives in private sessions, performing at events, and teaching workshops and continuing her eternal search for wisdom. With a voracious appetite for knowledge, she recently completed a masters degree in neuroscience, concentrating on how pain and other BDSM activities can reduce stress, anxiety and psychological strain. For more details, check her blog The Science of Kink.  Learning about the brain kickstarted Ms. Mercury's recent exploration of Tantra, mindfulness and kundalini awakening. She is currently experimenting with the combination of Tantra, BDSM, neuroscience and emotional de-armouring for promoting  a deeper connection between mind, body, heart and spirit and blossoming the inner God and Goddess in each of us. 

At the Coorparoo Dungeon, Brisbane, with my Princeton Diploma.

At the Coorparoo Dungeon, Brisbane, with my Princeton Diploma.

Dominatrix must be among the most exotic professions in the world. It certainly raises eyebrows at average dinner conversations. As the majority of the world’s population is vanilla (straight/ “non-kinky”), even talking about BDSM is often a bit unconventional, let alone meeting someone who does it for a full time job! Reactions can be from casual or genuine interest, to a perverted curiosity, to disgust or outrage. Perhaps that’s the main reason why most pro-dommes do not reveal their profession to strangers or recent acquaintances. Consequently, the image of professional domination (and BDSM in general) remains shrouded in mystery and taboo. Some say that mystery is exactly what brings clients to Mistresses; I disagree. Many of my clients are well advanced in BDSM concepts and a few have even taught me a thing or two. Mystery raises interest, but in my experience, in the case of BDSM and fetish, the more one knows, the more one seeks. Kink grows exponentially. In such vanilla social occasions where I decide to share my choice of occupation with the group, I often find myself facing a wide-eyed audience, which after a brief pause bombards me with questions. BDSM & fetish are my biggest passions, hence, I strive to learn and share as much as I can about the different kink modalities as well as the psychological benefits of BDSM interaction.

Born: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Current Home: Brisbane, Australia

Formal Education:             

American School of Rio,
(American, Brazilian & International Bac. diplomas)

Princeton University,
(Psychology BA)  

University of Sydney,         
year abroad program)

University of Oslo,
(Masters in Neuroscience)

BDSM, Tantra & Personal development education:

Tes Fest, USA:
Shibari 101  - Speed Bondage Electroplay & CBT - Urethral Sounds  - Suspension For Bigger Bodies

The Gathering, Sydney: Florentine Flogging - Make Up For Boys (Forced Femme) - Polyamory 101

Uber Workshops: J. Rinella's History Of BDSM & Partners In Power - Midori's Dominant Ladies, & Humiliation Play

Resolving The Mindset Riddle With Paul Blackburn

National Achiever's Congress With Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, & Donald Trump

Urban Tantra Professional Training Program, with B. Carellas

Primal Intensive: Childhood deconditioning,
with Puja Lepp

The New Tantra (TNT) Workshops:
Sexual Deconditioning
Advanced Sex
Women's Heartcore Transmission Training Ego feedback

"In Love & Service" 
with Ruby May

Int. School of Temple Arts (ISTA)
Level 1, SSSEX Retreat

"Reawakening in Love"
with R. Twuiver & M. Ellyard

Professional Kink Curriculum

Sexpo, Brisbane:
BDSM 101 Demonstrations

Kinky Kottage Workshop Series: 
Impact play
Spanking 101
Trample Treats

Preaching to the Perverted:
Remastering Executive Producer

My Mistress Movie:
BDSM Advisor

Oslo Fetish Weekend:
Pleasures of the Lash
Marketing Manager

Kinkference, Oslo:
The Neuroscience of SM
Sex Work & the Law, Panelist

Mediamatic Amsterdam:
Piss Passion

Amsterdam Workshop Series:
Foundations of Fetish
Pleasures of the Lash

Employment (BDSM Studios):

The Velvet Underground, Sydney, Australia            

Enigma, Sydney, Australia  

Salon Kitty's, Sydney, Australia 

Pandora's Box, New York City

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