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Worship & Gifts

How to Please your Mistress

As Mistress Kalyss Mercury is Goddess incarnate in this cute little planet, you may show your devotion in the following ways:

Performing Tasks: Mistress is a very busy woman as such there are always miscellaneous little tasks to be performed for promoting efficiency in My life. For example: slaves may be required to pick up Mistress's dry cleaning, or to polish Her shoes and leather equipment


Services: Outside of domestic tasks, Mistress often requires extra services that may not be on a regular basis. Examples: Giving Mistress a foot massage when it suits Her (how about 5am when She comes home from a night of clubbing). Picking Her up from the airport upon Her arrival in your city. Helping Her with one of Her creative projects (photo editing, video shoots).

Outings and Pampering: As a cultured woman, MKM loves concerts, museums, performances, cinema, theatre, and of course good conversation and gourmet food. When She's not too busy with other social engagements and work, Mistress loves going on outings. So be aware of pop and cultural events and invite Mistress out. You will find an ongoing weblog about events She would like to attend, check it regularly as events change as Mistress travels. If you have any suggestions for outings, Mistress is more than happy to hear you out.

Also, as an Incarnate Goddess, She appreciates physical beauty treatments. Her regular beauty routine includes massages, pedicure, manicure, hair color and treatment, facials, waxing, etc. As you are the direct beneficiary of these routines, it's only logical that you contribute to the cost of having them done (or do them yourself, if you are properly trained). Mistress loves day spas and relaxation retreats. So if you want to impress Mistress, research the spas in your area so you can offer to take Mistress on a pampering outing.

At Aksuko Kudo latex design, London

At Aksuko Kudo latex design, London

Gifts: Obviously, many slaves want to give gifts to Mistress, yet, they know that Mistress is a woman of refined yet eccentric tastes. They wouldn't want to get Mistress a useless gift. Even though you might think that red PVC dress is very sexy, Mistress may already own something similar or She might not like the design you chose. So the safest bet is to give Mistress a gift voucher to one of her favorite shops. This way she can choose right size, style and color to best match the rest of her extensive wardrobe.


MKM's Favorite Shops

House of Harlot - Latex Design

Westward Bound - Latex Design

Atsuko Kudo - Latex Design

Stormy Leather

Fetish Factory

HW Latex Design

Libidex Latex

Gallery Serpertine

Mistress appreciates your devotion from a distance. If you are unable to see Mistress for a session, you can contribute to her lavish lifestyle by making a donation.

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