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 A Walk with Puppy

"What a beautiful day! Shall we go for a walk little puppy?"

"Woof-Woof" said the puppy with a wagging tail...

So I took puppy down to the Coogee Beach promenade. Many people stopped to pet the puppy, and some even asked to take photos! It was such a fun afternoon! 

I love doing kinky things in public. Even just dressing up and going for a walk in a vanilla environment is exciting enough. But it's always better if I can have my pet on a collar and leash, and maybe have him wear a mask, in case he doesn't want to be recognized. Straight people on the street always stare in amusement, while more open people come say hello, take photos and compliment us for our fashion. Exhibitionism is one of my favorite fetishes! 

Photos by Christine Dengate


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