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I watched a romantic comedy the other day and in a heated discussion between the actors, one said to the other: "Don't let her walk all over you!"... And my brain went straight to trampling. WHY NOT! Taking it literally, Trampling, or being walked on, can be fun for many reasons. First there is the physical experience of feeling squished under a gorgeous lady. I like to trample barefoot or with high-heeled shoes. It just depends on what my sub can handle.

Many of my "carpets" say it actually feels like a strong massage. Hey! In Asia, masseuses often walk on their clients. Mind you, most of them are tiny Asian girls barely weighing 40 kilos. STILL! There are also psychological benefits. One of my pets says he likes to imagine he's a worm under my feet; useless, insignificant, tiny. So trampling can intensify feelings of submission and surrender. And for the foot fetishists, or course you're right there where you belong: UNDER MY FEET!

But what do I get out of it? Aside from the dominant rush of putting someone in a deeper submissive state and pushing their limits, I love the sensation of crushing someone under my feet. A soft human carpet. A foot rest for my poor feet. I also like the challenge of staying balanced while walking on someone. It's not as easy you might think! I even invented a new exercise modality: YOGA TRAMPLING! That's when I aim to perform yoga poses using my slave as the "mat". here, the taller the "mat" the better... 

So could this fetish be for you? Ask me next time you book a session and we can test if you can manage...

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