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Words of praise from MKM's submissives and friends.

I have visited Mistress Kalyss for sessions on a number of occasions and each time have left with a smile on my face, eager to return. On first meeting Mistress Kalyss, I was captivated by her strikingly good looks and her strong physical appearance. It was clear that she took particular pride in her presentation and general well-being. In high heels and a tightly laced corset she presented a formidable figure. From my experience of the sessions, Mistress conducts herself very professionally and is very skilled in her craft. I have found, for instance, that she ensures both parties have an appreciation of what is to happen and is aware at all times of the welfare of the client. That is not to say one should ever forget her status as a mistress and display even remotely a lack of respect to her. Her commanding nature can readily be activated and a lesson quickly learnt.

Ken Piggy, Brisbane.
Serving MKM since 2002

Mistress Kalyss Mercury and Mr Devastropic

Mistress Kalyss is an exciting mixture: Part powerful Amazonian Goddess, and part wickedly intelligent super villainess. With a tremendous imagination and a sadistic streak a mile wide she will have you begging for mercy while secretly wishing for more. I have had the pleasure of being at the end of Mistresses leash many times. Each session is unique, MKM is truly skilled at pushing me to my limits and at helping me discover new and exciting fetishes, all while keeping me under strict control. Her towering frame and piercing stare has you under her command before a single word is uttered. And her voice has a quiet authority that is almost hypnotic. All this together makes each session a memory worth cherishing.

Mr. Devastropic, Brisbane.
Serving MKM since 2008. 

The skeleton plot of the role play was of a dominant woman extracting confessions from a man about his sexual predilections, no matter how sordid or perverted they were. Mistress decided to flesh this out as a Headmistress and deviant pupil scenario and proceeded to ramp up the methods of persuasion from light corporal punishment through to CBT and heavy nipple torture, accompanied by psychological pressure and manipulation. Bit by bit the admission of an obsession with golden showers came out and a craving to serve mistress in that role. Mistress then led her quaking victim into the bathroom and laid him down in a bath of warm water having first released his aching cock and balls. As he took full advantage of her permission to play with himself, she
proceeded to gift him generous streams of her delicious warm golden nectar, while torturing his nipples to the point where he orgasmed fitfully, head spinning, world vanishing then collapsing into blissful exhaustion. They still hurt, but they hurt good.

Peter Piss Pot

Mistress Kalyss Mercury and Sub Sadhaka

I began my submissive exploration journey a number of years ago. Mistress Kalyss Mercury has been a major part of this and Her encouragement has kept me focused and working to better myself as a person. I know that my journey has a long way to go but with Mistress Kalyss Mercury holding my leash, I know that I won't get lost!

Sub Sadhaka, Brisbane.
Serving MKM since 2009

Mistress Kalyss Mercury and Smotherman

It is easy to feel intimidated when you first meet Mistress Kalyss, she is tall, beautiful and has a fantastic figure, but there is no need as she soon puts you at ease with her friendly and approachable manner. Mistress Kalyss treats your interests with respect and attention to detail. In session Mistress can be both playful and forceful, her sessions are not rushed and full of content and will leave you counting the days until your next encounter, without a doubt a true Mistress of her craft.

Smotherman, Brisbane.
Sub to MKM since 2009.

Mistress Kaylss Mercury and Mistress Penelope

I believe that Mistress Kalyss Mercury is a goddess amongst women. Spending time with Mistress Kalyss is like sitting in a ray of sunshine, Her enthusiasm and warmth will suffuse your soul. Her focus and genuine passion for BDSM will bring your fantasies to life and inspire you to new frontiers of self-discovery, whether you are an experienced explorer or a new hand. I would gladly recommend Mistress Kalyss Mercury to submissives, slaves, switches, pets and explorers of all kinds, and I am thrilled that I can call Her My friend. So get off your hands, and send this Mistress a wonderfully polite email offering your devotion. She is so much more than worth it.

Mistress Penelope, Professional Dominatrix, Sydney, http://www.mistresspenelope.com.au/

The Fiend performing at his BDSM education booth at Brisbane Sexpo.

Mistress Kalyss Mercury has spent her time in the South East Queensland kink scene building up the community from within. From bringing new individuals who willingly follow her mantra of "Abduct and Corrupt", to volunteering as BDSM educator at large events such as Sexpo, to organising parties and workshops out of her own "Kinky Cottage", she has worked at making kinksters, new and old, see the fun and pagentry of the lifestyle. At the Hellfire Club of Queensland, she has been an outstanding participant, bring with her an entourage of devoted submisives, playful switches and educated dominants who, under her influence, can be relied upon to act appropriately and not overstep the behavior protocol at the club. Her own scenes have a sense of theatrical presentation to start with but then the work takes a turn for a darker path as she displays her sense of sadistic pleasure upon her all too willing victim. MKM's smile can say just as much as her words, but nothing says more than her actions.

The Fiend,
Dungeon Master at Hellfire Club of Queensland,

I experienced the work of Mistess Kalyss at the Urban Tantra© Practitioner Training, 2012. It was a deeply moving, ecstatic and a releasing journey for me. I had never experienced being at the hand of a mistress and it was utterly profound! Kalyss is an experienced woman who is firm as a mistress should be, but is also deeply connected to her heart. Combining my knowledge of tantric breath and orgasm, I was able to experience ecstatic states and orgasm through receiving her flogger on my bare body. She dominated me beautifully and I felt at ease and safe in her presence. Mistress Kalyss inspired me greatly with the way in which she handles her subs and I feel privileged to have had such a beautiful, healing and ecstatic experience with this Amazonian Queen.

Shaney Marie, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Educator, Melbourne.

Mistress Kalyss Mercury is the ultimate Goddess. I feel honoured and privileged to have been Her devoted pet for many years. She is tall, very beautiful, with a Wonderful figure. This means that whatever She wears fits her like a second skin! My ultimate is of course Her black thigh boots, and black basque! She is also a very understanding Mistress who cares about her subs, slaves and pets. She is very experienced, and will put you at your ease. My life is better for being Her devoted pet, yours will be too!

An Pick, London.
Sub to MKM since 2004.

Mistress Kalyss Mercury and Pet vZ

Our last session was absolutely exceptional. Your outfit was exactly what I was hoping to see and You look stunning. You are even much more attractive then You appear in any of the pictures on Your excellent website. Your personality is far above any of my expectations. You were a cruel and bitchy goddess but warm and understanding at the same and I am so grateful for that and will always be Your pet. If it only lasted longer, I was hoping back then it will last forever. I hope I will again get the privilege and be instructed and trained to service and worship You properly because it is all for Your pleasure. Thank You for the most beautiful session, my Mistress.

Pet vZ,Submitted 2012

My life changed the minute I met Kalyss Mercury. I was an innocent little Tantrika, and the extent of my experience of BDSM was having my hair pulled once in lovemaking. When I met Kalyss in an Urban Tantra© Workshop (2012), I knew I needed to know more. She took me through a scene - and I gave her full permission to do what she wanted with me. I trusted her completely- she’s an expert at what she does, and I could sense that from the start. As she started to play with me, dominating me, I started to use Tantric Techniques- a combination of breathing, moving energy, presence, expansion. The world of Tantra and BDSM came together for me in an explosion of orgasm, expanded states and an incredible peak experience. Kalyss is a master at what she does, her presence is incredible, powerful and at the same time full of love. I highly recommend having an experience of her work.

Miss Emma

I feel extremely privileged to have had such an experience as I had with you. Particularly after reading about your work, and finding that my intuition about you was correct. I don't think I've ever encountered a more complex and fascinating woman before. As I was saying last night before I had to go, I hate people who abuse authority and use it as an  end unto itself; craving power over other people for its own sake. What you do is completely different though and I know for sure (though I would have had little doubt anyway) after having such an experience with you that you are nothing like that. I am truly in awe at the beauty of life and wonder of the universe. So thank you  so much for this beautiful experience.

Mr. Egidio,
Submitted 2011

Mistress Kalyss Mercury and Pet Tigger

After some research into Professional Dommes in my area I chose to contact Mistress Kalyss Mercury (MKM), the pictures from Her website barely do Mistress justice. They don’t have a chance to convey Her power and presence. After this first session I believe that I made the best choice possible. MKM was great, She put me at ease and enabled me to let go and allow Her to take me to places I didn’t even know existed. By the end of the session I could not even think of anything but being a good pet. We tried things I didn’t even know you could do and Mistress was in complete command which was just how I had hoped. The best parts of the session where the sensation play and breath control, the power of Mistress was overwhelming during these activities. I am eagerly awaiting my next meeting with Mistress.

Pet Tigger
Submitted 2011

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