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Location & Tours

I am a Gypsy Goddess, so I love to travel. Where will you find me? Check my Facebook page or follow me on TWITTER to get the most up-to date tour information,
Exact cities and dates may vary so text me before booking your flights.

General Tour Schedule
January - March: Australia
 brisbane,  Gold Coast & Sydney 
April-December: Europe. London, Oslo, Amsterdam
          (Other Cities by request only)   

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"In Greco-Roman Mythology, Mercury Is The Messenger Of The Gods. Little Did I Know How Close To Reality This Name Would Take Me. I'm Currently In A Huge Roller Coaster Of Life Lessons, Spiritual Deepening, And Real Soul Connections. I Feel Like I'm Surfing A Gigantic Wave Of Destiny, And Always Thinking Of How To Pass All This Newfound Skills And Inspirations To My Subs, Students And Companions. Riding Transformational Flow Is Challenging, But Ever So Rewarding. The Practical Side Effect Of This Is Sudden Travel Changes. So follow me on Facebook & Twitter to stay up to date with the most recent news and my movements" Muse Kalyss Mercury

A stroll along Brisbane River

A stroll along Brisbane River

Past Tours: 
Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Hong Kong - New York - Chicago - Miami - London - Amsterdam - The Hague - Berlin- Munich - Barcelona - Venice - Rome -São Paulo - Rio De Janeiro - Buenos Aires - Oslo - Stockholm -Las Vegas - Copenhagen - Lisbon - Ibiza  

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